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Blind Betty's Original Recipe hot sauce


5oz. bottle

A spicy blend of fresh flavors combine beautifully with the hot habanero pepper to bring you this hearty and zesty hot sauce. Use it as a condiment to enhance any dish or charge up your favorite marinade.

1st Place Winner of Fiery Food Challenge

1st Place Winner of SCOVI Awards

Pineapple Pizzazz hot sauce

Pineapple Pizzazz
5oz. bottle

This hot sauce is a very delightful Caribbean combination of sweet pineapple and hot habanero pepper. Dazzle your palate as the sweet and the heat combine to give you that euphoric feeling. Accompany fritter or dab on brie cheese over cracker. Just let your imagination guide you on this trip to paradise. 

Blind in the Rind hot sauce

Blind in the Rind
5oz. bottle

Betty’s citrus concoction has a tangy orange and lemon flavor. The taste of sun ripened fruit combined with red habanero pepper, this hot sauce is 100% pure tropical sunshine in a bottle.

SCOVI Award Winner

Shipping Information
3-12 Bottles——–17.25
13-16 Bottles——-23.00
17-24 Bottles——-34.50
25 and up—  Please contact blindbetty1@gmail.com

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